We Will at the Chicago Plan Commission

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About the Global Voices, Local Action: International Cities Connect on We Will Chicago Series

This event is part of a seven-part series on We Will Chicago, hosted by the Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the City of Chicago. Each event in the series featured a panel presentation of international and local city experts, along with an interactive participant workshop to provide feedback and input on the plan’s draft policies.

Below are recordings from the previous Global Voices, Local Action virtual event series conversations. 

Due to technical difficulties, a recording of the July 28th Environment, Climate, and Energy webinar is not available. 


June 9: WATCH Housing and Neighborhoods webinar; Housing and Neighborhoods Q&A DOCUMENT

June 23: WATCH Arts and Culture WebinarArts and Culture Q&A Document

July 28: Environment, Climate, Energy Q&A Document

August 18WATCH Public Health & Safety WebinarPublic health and safety Q&A Document

September 15: WATCH lifelong learning WEBINARlifelong learning PDF Q&A DOCUMENT

October 26: WATCH Transportation & Infrastructure WEBINARtransportation and infrastructure PDF Q&A DOCUMENT

OCTOBER 26: WATCH Economic Development WEBINAReconomic development PDF Q&A DOCUMENT