Honey Pot Performance (HPP) was selected by the City of Chicago to serve as the lead public engagement artists on We Will Chicago. HPP is a collective of artists inspired by the Fifth City model, a radical community experiment from the 1960s-1980s in Garfield Park. Their work centers on consensus-building strategies and focusing on community members as leaders, experts, and problem solvers.

Artist and organizer teams are specifically aligned with the seven core pillar issues of the We Will Chicago: Arts & Culture, Economic Development, Environment, Climate & Energy, Housing & Neighborhoods, Lifelong Learning, Public Health & Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure. Artist teams will engage with the community in a two-part approach. Teams in community anchor hubs address issues in assigned neighborhoods throughout the city, and a mobile team covers the remaining communities. Each team will have its own programming—workshops, conversations, design exercises, knowledge and skill shares, etc.—to activate the ideas and concepts that are most important to its community’s interests.

Following a period of learning, experimenting, making, and dialogue, each hub will generate an action plan and some form of creative output based on the core ideas, solutions, and recommendations that emerge from their time together. Communities will work with the artist/organizer teams to realize these outputs as creative work, series, or other public-facing actions.


We Will Chicago Artist-Organizers & Honey Pot Performance Team